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WE’LL TELL YOU ABOUT US … In eastern Sicily, amidst citrus groves, sublime views towards Mount Etna and the Ionian sea, you’ll find Zash: a country hideaway, a former winery and a Mediterranean garden all rolled into one. The country boutique hotel arises from an old countryside holiday house for late summer vacations, due to


In eastern Sicily, amidst citrus groves, sublime views towards Mount Etna and the Ionian sea, you’ll find Zash: a country hideaway, a former winery and a Mediterranean garden all rolled into one.

The country boutique hotel arises from an old countryside holiday house for late summer vacations, due to the grape harvest works. The property was once implanted with vineyards and citrus groves.
During the ‘60s the vineyards have been replaced with other citrus trees to follow the market and business of those years, especially in the area so close to the sea which is ideal for lemon and citrus fruit in general.
Spend the night here and you’ll not just be close to Sicily’s best scenery, but you’ll be part of it. All of the rooms find a unique way to immerse you in nature, with expansive views that overlook the evocative Sicilian landscape.
Just outside the doors, specially designed trails let you get even closer to the sounds and scents of Sicily. So hike, walk or cycle, and let the countryside take care of the rest.


Letting yourself be wrapped up by nature, by primordial and deep sounds, by dense and elusive scents, means to walk away from your daily routine and to dive into a dimension of positive energy.
Zash is the deep nature of a sound, its verbal repossession, the sound of the air within the leaves, the burst of a gesture in its flowing movements, it’s one of the infinite sounds that can only be heard and enjoyed by living in the countryside. But most of all, it’s to rediscover the time to live another dimension, made of slow gestures, intense scents, new visions and mysterious voices.
zash, splash, cucù, druum …
We’ll tell you about us by starting with the very first thing: nature's instinctive and remote sounds.
This is the world of Zash: a COUNTRY BOUTIQUE HOTEL where historical fragments meet a contemporary taste, in an “elegantly quiet” project, to let nature’s physicality emerge, to respect our past vestige and to satisfy our traveller’s needs.
A place which is refined in its rooms, rural in its context and vital for the soul.


When confronted with this magnificent 1930s manor house, architect Antonio Iraci smartly took his cues from the magical Sicilian countryside surrounding the property. Determined to create a dwelling that showcased its environment, he introduced wide rebuilt windows to each room as well big glass walls. But Iraci also looked inward, using restored original elements from the building, such as oak floor boards and volcanic stone cladding.
Taken together, guests can immediately distinguish the essence of the place, both inside and out: it was – and in many ways still is – a rural countryside manor house.
Little wonder then that Iraci was awarded the “International Architecture Award for excellence in architecture (PIDA)” for his work on Zash Country Boutique Hotel.


The key is transparency. Each room brings the outside in – whether with wide windows that overlook the evocative Sicilian landscape, or with large glass doors that use the chunky citrus trees as natural wallpaper. Rooms in the old manor house put nature at the forefront, with volcanic stone cladding, oak floorboards, high vaulted ceilings and chestnut windows through which the Ionian Sea dazzles and shines.


IRACI ARCHITETTI follows private residential projects, commercial, public and industrial buildings, managing the whole process from creation to working site. IRACI ARCHITETTI designs small and big projects, all with a firm distinction between the original and the new features through experimental aesthetic concept and minimalism.
At the beginning of each creative process, the project is emptied from all urban textures to bring out the architectural shapes. To this basic casing, contemporary elements are added through folding, joint, fullness such as filled or empty objects, lights and shades, solid and transparent. It’s a geometric world made of lines, curves, surfaces. Spaces are joint of lines, inside and outside are part of the same continuum, extension of the open space.
Architecture design is a dynamic process, a path with continuous discoveries.
At the moment IRACI ARCHITETTI studio is involved in residential and commercial project all around the National


Architect Antonio Iraci and his partner designer Carla Maugeri joined forces to create Zash – a place that is refined in its design, rural in its context and vital for the soul.
Antonio Iraci was born in Misterbianco (Catania) on 11th April 1961. Graduated at the Architecture Faculty of Reggio Calabria in 1988 with Honors. Starts its own business and sets up Archline in January 1989 with the intention of an Architectural lab for sperimental project and research.
Carla Maugeri was born in Catania on June 1979. She studies architecture at the Architecture Faculty of Siracusa. She actively carries on a research on customising design architecture. Since 2008 works at Archline studio and is part of the owning family of Zash.


Zash is the deep nature of a sound, its verbal repossession, the sound of the air within the leaves, the burst of a gesture in its flowing movements, it’s one of the infinite sounds that can only be heard and enjoyed by living in the countryside. But most of all, it’s to rediscover the time to live another dimension. We’ll tell you about us by starting with the very first thing: nature’s instinctive and remote sounds.
This is the world of Zash: a COUNTRY BOUTIQUE HOTEL where historical fragments meet a contemporary taste.


The majesty of Mount Etna and the transparency of the sea are the two strong contrasts that join together in the micro territories of this splendid side of Sicily. Here the land changes inch by inch, as the local people would say, the nude sciara (what remains of the lava after it’s turned cold) coexists with the cultivations of Arab citruses and Greek olive trees. The ancient myths and the various dominations of the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish define a territory that is surprisingly rich. There’s something for everyone: powdery ski hills, local wines, the natural microcosms of the Nebrodi mountain range, the deep incisions in volcanic rocks and cliffs at Alcantara Gorges, Catania, one of the major Sicilian cities, and the lovely little town of Taormina, where folk traditions come to life.


4 rooms “in the house” are on the first floor of the old manor house, characterized by high vaulted ceilings, all with full-length chestnut windows overlooking Mount Etna on one side and the Ionic sea on the other.
3 rooms “in the cellar” are located where the wine storage used to be, the wine cellar. The planning includes white volumes containing intimate bedrooms, where the cleanliness of the walls and floors in white resin clearly contrasts with the pre-existing volcanic stonework
3 rooms “in the garden” are immersed of the countryside.  The large windows create a continuum with the garden, giving the impression that the citrus themselves are the walls of the rooms.
3 rooms to interact with the nature of this place. What was once the keeper’s house today turns into another area for guests. All with large windows that open onto the green of the private garden and a few steps from the pool, these new rooms play between past and present and the history of rural architecture also becomes design this time.


4 GLASS CUBES totally immersed in the citrus groves of Zash, all with a small private outdoor tub. This is the luxury country stay proposal for 2020. Here the challenge of architecture is to integrate maximum comfort with the desire, to bring back the hospitality spaces to their most original nature: to make the place perceived in an authentic way, giving privacy and uniqueness. Two of them, the SPA GLASS CUBES are designed to incorporate a tiny personal SPA in the intimacy of the own refuge, with private sauna and Turkish bath.


Inside the tank, where once fermented wine, runs now the small and charming restaurant. An intimate and cosy area, where time has stopped, leaving space to sounds, scents and tastes of nature. This is the “SLOW” dimension of flavours of space and time, where diners are led to recondite atmosphere. The food draws on the genuineness of the products and returns to a traditional Sicilian essence. Local wine and earth flavours are served under magnificent vaulted ceilings with limestone and pumice stone, a product of the still active volcano. The surrounding citrus grove is the opportunity, not only for relaxing walks, but to pick oranges and tangerines to be consumed right in the garden or tasted in sweet juices.
In this scenario, our chef Giuseppe Raciti and his brigade create new culinary stories, in that unique and unrepeatable combination of creativity, tradition and territory. It is an intense story that the chef: at age 22 at the court of Chef Master Santin (2 Michelin stars), after 1 year, with Chef Massimo Mantarro (2 Michelin stars) at the Principe Cerami Taormina. With him he trains to high level and under his chef’s suggestion, given the considerable talents, he went abroad, so that professionalism, experience and skills can gain an international level. His role at Zash’s kitchen results into his own awards (second Best Emergent Chef for South Italy 2015), he gets requests and gets involved in major trade events at regional and national level, but above all a “followers’ success” that never stops. In January 2016 the great recognition of having his name among the participants of the most important worldwide food competition Bocuse d’Or, and he is among the 12 chefs to compete for the Italian final! The joyful end of the year 2016 with the publication in the prestigious Michelin Guide. In 2017 selected again among the (this time just 4!) chefs for the Italian
final Bocuse d’Or competition.


Inside the Nature at Zash there is the Zash’s nature: a retreat for contemporary wellbeing
Nothing is left to chance: the pool is made of Etna lava stone, strong and powerful. Bare feet touch the water and feel the wood, while the warmth of intimate spaces meets the local aromas.
In this intimate and private retreat, the combination of Mediterranean and volcanic influences will make your relaxing experience unique.


An extraordinary location to rent with exclusive use for private event or chic receptions with countryside essence. Refined elegance, culinary excellence, and impeccable service make Zash one of the most exclusive places for weddings in Sicily. The areas are customizable for specific needs, the event can be organized by choosing from the pool, the orchard and winepress areas…


ROOM’s amenities and services: Free mini-bar with water, juices and soft drinks, Safe, 32″ LCD TV, Cordless phone, Internet WI-FI, Air conditioning with independent humidity control in all rooms; Coffee machine, Kettle, bathroom scales


a former winery 140 square meters. It can hold up to a maximum of 40 people seated in theatre style.

terrace 60 sqm for almost 60 people for breakfast or work break, enjoying the enchanting

130,000 sqm garden and citrus groves. It is possible to arrange different activities according to needs and number of people.

pool with solarium surrounded by citrus grove.


HOTEL services

In-room Check-in (on request) – Concierge – Breakfast – Spaces for small events – TV-Lounge bar – Restaurant – Relax area – Garden –free WI-FI in the common areas – charging point for electric cars – free bicycles available for guests – Large parking areas (separate hotel guest’s parking area)

SPA – free wellness area for hotel guests that includes: sauna, Turkish bath, emotional shower, swimming pool with air bubble massage
Massages, beauty face/body treatment on request.

EXTERNAL services on request
Excursions by sailing boat and motorboat, helicopter, food and wine tours, guided tours of Mount Etna or other tourist destinations, planning itineraries to discover the Sicilian history and culture Transfer to / from airport – Laundry service – Baby sitting, Personal trainer, Personal shopper, Horse riding, special deal at beach clubs


Eastern Sicily, province of Catania:

1 .7 km Beaches
3.6 km Riposto tourist harbour
12.6 km Acireale
29.4 km Alcantara Gorges
31.5 km Catania
32.7 km Taormina
33.2 km Etna nord / Piano Provenzana
45.0 km Catania Airport
96.8 km Siracusa

122.0 km Noto
126.0 km Piazza Armerina
127.0 km Nature Reserve “Oasi faunistica Vendicari “ (wildlife Refuge)

AWARDS Hotel Zash

“Excellence in Hospitality”

“STANZE ITALIANE2013“ one of the 4 Italian best hotels suggested on the T.C.Guidebook
“STANZE ITALIANE 2014“ | T.C. Guidebook2015
“STANZE ITALIANE 2015“ | T.C. Guidebook2016
“STANZE ITALIANE 2016“ | T.C. Guidebook 2017


For the Out of town Hotels category: Prizewinning among the 3 best hotels in Italy 2018


in the ranking of “BEST 100 HOTELS IN EUROPE 2015”, among the best 10 for the design
hotels category


The best hotel in Sicily Ranking by Cronache di gusto

PIDA INTERNATIONAL AWARD 2013 |The Most Beautiful Hotels and Spas In The World
“HOTEL MEANS LIFESTYLE”, contemporary elegance and the flavor of the tradition
The Ischia International Architecture Award is assigned for excellence in architecture, and documented and reported planning within two broad sections: hotels (hotels, cottages, pensions) or SPA (spas, thermal parks, and wellness centers).

AWARDS Zash Restaurant & Chef Giuseppe Raciti

Contest 2015”: 2° for the South Italy

Contest 2016: among the 12 chefs admitted to Italian final, Giuseppe Raciti is the winner of Premio Europa, the award established by the European Community directly to the Bocuse d’or’s chef, which shows respect and the best use of local ingredients.
Contest 2017, the most important competition for chefs in the world: for the second time, he’s among the (this time just …) 4 chefs admitted to Italian final October 2017


Contest BUONA CUCINA 2016 Award for the hotel restaurant & the Chef Giuseppe Raciti | T.C. Guidebook

BEST CHEF UNDER 30 of South Italy
Contest’s Winner of the “Gara di Gusto” for”_Jan.2017


Contest 2018 Best restaurant in Sicily Ranking by Cronache di gusto


For the Emergent Restaurant category: Prizewinning among the 4 best restaurants in Italy 2018

Zash country boutique hotel Riposto (CT) Sicilia Executive Chef (from april 2014)

Hotel Des Etrangers e Miramare 5 *****L (Siracusa)

San Domenico Palace Hotel 5*****L (Taormina) | Restaurant Principe Cerami 2** Michelin
Executive Chef Massimo Mantarro

Villa Principe Leopoldo 5***** L Lugano (CH) | Chef Dario Ranza

Kulm Hotel 5*****L St.Moritz (CH) | Chef Sebastiano Finocchiaro

Ristorante Antica Osteria del Ponte Cassinetta di Lugagnano (Milano)  2** Michelin | maestro Ezio Santin

Palace Hotel 5*****L Gstaad (CH) | Chef Peter Wiss


Lounge area

chair lizz by Piero Lissoni, 2007, KARTELL
chair miss less by Philippe Starck e Eugeni Quitllet , 2011, KARTELL
table oscar by Piero Lissoni, 2008, GLAS
sofa plastics by Piero Lissoni, 2003, KARTELL

Reading Room

table tip top by Philippe Starck e Eugeni Quitllet, 2010, KARTELL
book shelves bukva by Viktor Vasilev, 2011, LIVING DIVANI

seats leaf  by Lievore Altherr Molina, 2005 ARPER
coffee tables leaf  by Lievore Altherr Molina, 2005 ARPER


N.1Etna Suite
chair miss less by Philippe Starck e Eugeni Quitllet , 2011, KARTELL
side bed tables jolly by Paolo Rizzatto, 2002, KARTELL
coffee table b2 by Viktor Vasilev, 2012, LIVING DIVANI

table toy by Philippe Starck, 2005, DRIADE
chair Louis Ghost  by Philippe Starck , 2002, KARTELL
vase misses flower power by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet , 2010, KARTELL

table KissiKissi by Miki Astori, 2004, DRIADE
chair Lord Yo by Philippe Starck , 1993, DRIADE

N.4 Sea Suite
bathtub  In-Out by Benedini Associati, 2009 AGAPE

N.9 SPA Room
side beds tables componibili by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, 1968, KARTELL

chair Ring by Philippe Starck with Eugene Quitllet, 2008, DRIADE


Lounge area

wall lamps: Mosaico by Mario Nanni e Barbara Balestreri, 2006, VIABIZZUNO
table lamp: lampadina by Achille Castiglioni, 1972, FLOS
table lamp Ktribe by Philippe Starck, 2007, FLOS
lamp: Luminator by Achille e Piergiacomo Castiglioni, 1954, FLOS


table lamp: Mini Kelvin LED by Antonio Citterio, 2011, FLOS


lamp: Sampei by Enzo Calabrese e Davide Groppi, 2011, DAVIDE GROPPI


ceiling lamp: Viscontea by Achille e Piergiacomo Castiglioni, 1960, FLOS
ceiling lamp: peled by Antoni Arola, 2008, VIABIZZUNO


N.1 Etna Suite
lamp: Arco by Achille e Piergiacomo Castiglioni, 1962, FLOS
side bed lamps: cubo luce by Franco Bettonica e Mario Melocchi, 1972, CINI & NILS

Side bed lamps: take by FerruccioLaviani, 2003, KARTELL

side bed lamps: gatti by Achille e Piergiacomo Castiglioni, 1960, FLOS

side bed Kelvin Led by Antonio Citterio, 2009, FLOS

Via Strada Provinciale sp2 n° 60
95018 Archi – Riposto (CT) Sicilia
tel 095 7828932 fax 095 7781485
Mobile + 39 347 2765552

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